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Top 20 Family Docs Checklist 

to help you & your family find and organize your most important information, avoid future heartbreaking stress, and have peace-of-mind, TODAY.

One of the most loving things you can do.

Be prepared for the unexpected. 

Personal Docs

From birth certificates to passports.

Health Docs 

From immunizations to family health history.

Legal Docs

From your Will to Power of Attorney.

Financial Docs

From retirement accounts to insurances.

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A Note from Maria...


I recently lost a dear friend. She was kind, loving, and fiercely independent. She lived alone, except for the Cabbage Patch dolls collected from every era.   

As I helped settle her affairs, I was deeply grateful for the pieces of her life she put in order while living -- including her most important documents.

Putting your docs together is so important at every stage of life -- from being prepared to enroll your child into kindergarten (did you know schools often require a birth certificate and immunization records?!) to being ready for an unexpected separation (death, divorce or other).

I know this can feel overwhelming, but I'm here to tell you that it doesn't have to be. 

That's why I created this checklist for you, to release the overwhelm and to help you get started getting your docs in a row.

I want you to have the peace-of-mind of knowing what your family has and where you have it when it comes to the most important docs of the home.

What are you waiting for? :) 


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 P.S. Do your parents have their docs in order (not just you)? If not, this checklist is great for them, too!

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