Tools for Intentional Parenting with guest Dr. Rishma Walji, Ph.D.

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Are you struggling to connect with your teenage children and wish for a stronger bond? Let me share my heartfelt conversation with the brilliant Dr. Rishma Walji, a PhD and naturopathic doctor, who has passionately embarked on a journey to deepen her connection with her two teenage daughters and become the mom she has always aspired to be. Dr. Rishma unveils her secrets to maintaining a more connected family when things feel overwhelming, and provides fascinating insight on why counting to 10 and patience don’t always cut it. 

Join us as we explore the concept of savoring joyful parenting moments through Dr. Rishma’s wonderful chocolate cake analogy. Can you believe that just thinking about savoring a chocolate cake can give us the same response as actually eating it? Discover how to apply this intriguing idea to your own parenting journey and learn how to treasure those precious moments with your children without feeling the need to relive them. We also discuss Dr. Rishma’s innovative system for remembering significant moments of connection and joy with her children – a practice you may want to adopt as well! 

Finally, let’s dive into the transformative power of journaling. Dr. Rishma shares how this practice has helped her create deeper connections with her children and express her love and compassion for them. I’ll also reveal how the Connected Parent Journal has softened my heart, enabled me to become more gentle with my daughter, and ultimately improved our relationship. This episode is packed with wisdom and heartwarming stories about nurturing connections with our children – don’t miss it!


(0:00:01) - Being a Connected Parent
Dr Rishma Walji shares strategies to create deeper connections with her teenage daughters and create a more connected family. 

(0:12:16) - Savoring Joyful Parenting Moments
Dr. Rishma Walji shares her system to savor moments with her children, exploring nature’s chocolate cake analogy and science. 

(0:17:25) - Using Journaling to Improve Parenting
Dr. Rishma Walji used journaling to deepen connections with her children, express love and compassion, and be deliberate about stress reactions. 

(0:20:37) - The Connected Parent Journal Impact
Connected Parent Journal helps create deeper connections with children, encourages positive thoughts, and promotes love and appreciation. 

(0:27:43) - Elevating Your Role as Chief Home Officer
Dr. Rishma Walji’s Connected Parent Journal helps foster meaningful relationships and express love, compassion, and appreciation.


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