Securing Your Family's Future: The Power of Estate Planning with Dr. Kelly

Can you ensure that your children will be financially secure and cared for by the right people if the worst happens to you? Tune in to this enlightening conversation with passionate family advocate, Dr. Kelly Jackson King, as she unravels the vital topic of estate planning for mothers. As an OBGYN with over two decades of experience, Dr. King shares her personal insights and highlights the four essential documents every family must have: a will, health care power of attorney, financial power of attorney, and a living will.

Dr. King stresses the importance of not just safeguarding your wealth but also your values. Picking a guardian isn’t merely about who can financially support your kids; it’s about who shares your values and can guide your children the way you would have. We delve into the importance of having honest discussions about estate planning with your partner and the crucial family members; after all, clear communication is key to making estate planning less daunting and more accessible.

This episode is not just about estate planning; it’s about finding joy and excitement in motherhood. We discuss the concept of Chief Home Officer, a role that transforms how you view motherhood and household administration. Listen in to learn how Mom MBA can support you in this journey and how to tap into various resources to help you thrive as a Chief Home Officer. This episode is packed with practical advice and resources, so don't miss out! Tune in now to gain peace of mind knowing your family is protected.


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